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avatar_icon100's Journal

The Avatar Icon 100 Challenge
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Welcome to avatar_icon100! This community follows the lead of iconfiend100. Here, icon makers can choose a character, pairing, group or season and make 100 themed icons focusing on that subject. If you have any questions, ask here.

This community is not to be confused with theavatar100, a wonderful contest community for posting themed drabbles.


01. For starters, you need to join the community in order to make a claim. Membership is open, and all members have posting access.
02. Now, choose your subject. A subject can be a character, pairing, group or season. For example, you can claim Katara, Sokka/Ty Lee, the Fire Nation or the first season (respectively).
03. You are only allowed two claims maximum.
04. The challenge includes 50 set themes, and 50 Artist's Choice. You must use the first fifty set themes, but the other fifty are up to you. The fifty set themes can be found here.
05. To view what subjects are taken, see our claimed list. If you would like to claim a subject, comment in the claim post with the form given there.
06. Any type of icons are welcome.
07. Fanart may not be used for icons, unless it is yours and you have stated so in your post(s); however, you may use screencap manips as long as you have the artist's permission. You can find great screencaps at Firebender dot com and Avatarspirit dot net. You may also use scans of the TCG. saraistarr posted some excellent scans here and here. Please credit her if you use her scans.
08. Banners larger than 350 x 250 or previews that contain more than three icons must be placed under an lj-cut (fake or real).
09. All icons posted must be for public use.
10. Challenge posts should at least include this information (taken from iconfiend100):

Artist: (Optional; if you joined the comm with your icon journal but want to mention your own username, this'd be the place.)
# of icons in post:
# of icons completed total:
Credits: (This is only if you used brushes, fonts, screencaps etc. that need to be credited.)

11. Posts made to this community must be for the icon challenge (unless you're a mod or requesting to be one).
12. Please tag all your entries with your subject.
13. When you have finished your claim, please post in the Hall of Fame.
14. Updates must contain a minimum of five icons.
15. All icons with explicit content must be under an lj-cut.

The Mods

Right now, avatar_icon100's only mod is its creator, limepocky. IMPORTANT! limepocky will be gone from August 19 to August 23rd. She will not be able to add you to the claims list until she gets back.


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